Jan ’14

Evernote, like any other human product is not without its flaws, but for someone some defects may be advantages and for someone else other advantages are flaws. For someone the formatting capabilities of text are limited, others appreciate this limit that allows them to focus on content rather than form.
For some, the inability to create a tree with the notebooks is a limit, for others an advantage.
In the official forum, users from around the world make the most varied requests, thus what features must be add to Evernote to make it better?

I think there is not a simple answer to this question, you can not add anything that users ask, you can not please everyone and not even groped a compromise, hoping to please everyone with the result of not please anyone, you have to define a road, a goal, a target group of people and uses, be aware that there is space for several softwares that can meet different people that have different needs.
Each one adopts the software that comes closest to their needs and then, one hand try to adapt, on the other side try to push the developer of the application to meet their demands.

That is why today I want to propose my own list of features that I would like to see implemented:

  1. On Android devices functions of undo and redo for typing texts.
  2. A quick function, "one clik", to exclude notes with the tags like to include, the equivalent of the search with the minus in front (-tag:abc), function accessible and usable in both desktop and mobile versions of Evernote.
  3. Creating a link to the note even in the mobile versions.
  4. Search functionality within the note with mobile devices.
  5. Best support of the copy and paste in the mobile versions taking into account not only the text but also of links that are copied from one note to another.
  6. The ability to create internal links at specific points in the notes to create tables of contents (TOC) and cross-references between notes.
  7. Bidirectional links, a system of internal links similar to the tags with correlation into both directions. From a link I go to a point of a note, and from that point will be possible going back.
  8. On Android device advanced search even without data connection.
  9. The ability to share with the tags like through the notebooks.
  10. The ability to define for each command in Evernote, especially the desktop versions, a keyboard shortcut. In this way, everyone can link his most frequently used commands with simple keyboard shortcut and can link complex keyboard shortcuts to his less used features.
  11. Have in the softwares, especially those desktop, list of existing keyboard shortcuts.
  12. Support in Android devices of certain objects such as tables and the horizontal line (more compatibility).


I adopted Evernote because it is the software that comes closest to my needs and after more than two years of intensive use I'm very satisfied, if I were to judge by the features that are missing I could give only a positive opinion, the list of my requests is undoubtedly dedicated to a very intense and deep use of the system. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope, sooner or later, to see these features implemented.

Which features you think are missing in Evernote?

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