May ’12
Evernote e le applicazioni per il calendario Versione italiana IT

I use Evernote on a PC with Windows OS and on smartphone with Android OS .
I consider my smartphone the main device for reading the notes and a tool to help me remember things, in fact the phone is almost always with me and it is almost always on.
The computer I use it to expand and write better the brief notes taken with the phone and to better organize notebooks and tags.

If you use Evernote as a repository for all notes and information and as a tool to organize tasks becomes necessary to have a calendar.
Organize your business means track, create lists of things to do or people with whom to communicate, indicate priorities, and in this aspect Evernote has great tools, it also means to schedule of activities or events into Evernote and this is practically impossible.
Although Evernote has neither a timetable nor a proprietary system of link with a calendar, do not has a system of reminders or alerts,despite you can't schedule an activity in time and not even set an alarm, there are cases where you prefer to keep this tool to organize and manage most tasks in a single application and delegate to calendar the organize of events that scheduling is necessary.
Regarding the choice of the calendar if you have a Gmail account or an Android phone the use of Google Calendar is most likely, this is implemented on the Android operating system and is available via web, furthermore it have many applications for both Android and Windows that allow a fast synchronization with it.

The use of two separate application has 2 flaws:

1. I have to write 2 times the same information.
2. There is not a link between the note and the event.

To obtain an efficient workflow we need an application that could serve as a bridge between Gcal and Evernote and that implemented some functions.

Ideal workflow

In an ideal workflow should be possible the following:

1. Create, edit and delete an event starting from a note.
2. Create, edit and delete a note starting from a event.
3. Connect an existing note to an existing event.
4. Starting from a note find the event to which it is connected.
5. Starting from an event find the note attached to it.

These operations should be possible on all devices that normally we use or at least on the main device.

Applications on the market

From these considerations I have tried a few applications that would allow communication between Evernote and Gcal.

In this brief review of the applications I focused only on the need to implement the workflow described above and the possibility of connection between Evernote and a calendar, not all features offered by the various applications.


Tusktools Calendar is a stand alone software for windows which connects to the Evernote database and is presented as "Calendar built to Evernote".
Tusktools Calendar lets you view the notes on a calendar (monthly view, weekly, daily and timeline) by date of creation, modification, or see only the notes that have a date in tusktools format ( # #date time# #@reminder).
The notes that contain a date in tusktools format, besides being able to be viewed separately from other notes, can, if you set the option to sync with google calendar, create an event in Gcal.
In addition to the software is installed a service that takes care of sync of Evernote, Tusktools and Gcal in background
This tool of sync with google calendar adds to the description of event in Gcall a text string that identifies a note in Evernote, remains in the background on the system and when you open an event and you copy the string that it has added in the description (ctrl -c or "right-click and copy") automatically opens the corresponding Evernote note ready to edit.
In the event that the date created with tusktools format is changed in a Evernote note, Tusktools does not change the event raised previously.
In summary: Only works on Windows systems, permit to create an event from a note, allows you to jump from one event to the note that generated it and therefore change it, allowing to display the notes in a calendar mode.

Meshin Recall

Meshin Recall is an app for Android which has a friendly interface to view calendars Gcal in the diary form, also allows you to create a note starting from an event and maintain this link. Allows to view only the events to which is attached a note, edit the note or send it via email, twitter and facebook.
Meshin interface has a button dedicated to Evernote for open the application, create a new note text, photos, audio, or do a search.
Notes created with Meshin are placed in a notebook defined from user,the notes have as title name the event name plus the date / time wich the event has been scheduled.
In the body of the notes there is added a text "Powered by Meshin " and the notes are tagged as "Calendar".
In the last release was added a feature for link a existing event with a existing note.

In summary: Only works on Android OS, permit to create a note from an event or link a event with a note, allows you to jump from one event to the attached note and thus modify or delete it.


SnapCal is an app created for iPhone and now available on Android.
Not having an iPhone I could not test it on that, on Android some one have find a bug that prevents you make a note in Evernote. Even if we were to proceed with the creation of the note, (try to change the notebook in which to add the note ) this one is created with the date and time inserted in the body of the note and the event name as the title. The note created is not connected with the event, it is not possible to access to this from SnapCal or in some way modify it.

In summary: Runs on Android OS and IOS, allow to create a note from a event.


Eventbot is an internet service that allows you to create an event in your calendar by sending an email to the Eventbot address.
This email address is linked with your account and you get it with registration.
It is a basic service mail2task, ignores the contents of the mail and takes into account only the title text.
the text which he believes is date and time of appointment is used for set a event in Gcal, the rest of text becomes the title of the event. This service is not plugin or add-in for Evernote, but if from Evernote you send a note via mail to eventbot you can easly create an event with same title of note.

In summary: Works on any OS with a internet browser,permit to create an event from a note.


Producteev is a cloud service to manage the activities with a series of applications dedicated to the various devices. Producteev have a Mail2task feature but currently the service of syncing with Gcal has been disabled.

In summary: Works of any OS with an Internet connection, permit to create an event (not in the google calendar) starting from a note.


None of the examined applications allow you to accomplish all the tasks that we predicted.
All applications require that the change of day and time is done on the calendar even when the event was created by the note.
No one applications permit to moving from one note to an event.

My Personal Workflow

As I said at the beginning of this short post the phone is my main device when it comes to schedule activities, remainder or alert, and even if you do not set alarms directly with the phone is from there that it must alert me. This device is almost always switched on and near to me.

Starting from the observations made so far, I opted for the following workflow:
If I did not write any note and I realize I have to schedule something new I do it directly on the calendar using Meshin Recall.
After that, always with Meshin Recall, I create a note linked to the event, for default setting it is created in the notebook "scheduled".
If I already wrote a Evernote note that will must become an event, I can follow two different way
First way: I send a copy of note via mail at my account "Eventbot", this creates a event with right title. Then i link existing note with existing event in Meshin Recall.
Second way:Create a event in Meshin Recall or Gcal and then linked it with a existing note.


With applications on the market today is not possible to obtain all feature that I thought. I must also admit that after I have scheduled event is rare that I need to start from note for modified a event. In those cases I can search through Gcal the title note.

Eric Sandström

Thanks for your thoughts! Exactly my problem. Strange there is no calendar in Evernote. Unfortunately Google Play does not have Meshin Recall for my Android HTC sensation. I can get Meshin for the ASUStarnsformer tablet but, as for you, this is not the device best placed to keep the main calendar.

Eric Sandström - 03-01-’13 16:48
Björn Bengtsson

Hello! Thanks for a I installded “If this then that” today to acheive an integration between Evernote and Gcal. Mainly I want to be able to create events from Evernote within the program. IFTTT can do that but the reminders did not work… so I moved to a Google script solution which works great: http://www.mydevbox.com/add-evernote-gtd..
I also want the shared url to appear in the body of the calendar event automatically, but it shouldn’t be impossible to acheive

Björn Bengtsson (URL) - 04-01-’13 09:36
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