Feb ’10
Aggiungi velocemente una linea di riferimento nel Layout di Lightwave Versione italiana IT

Have you sometime put a finger on the monitor to keep track of a position using the Lightwave Layout? Or create a null on the fly for the same reason? If the answer is "YES" then this is the tool for you. ALP Reference Line is a custom object that can be changed interactively with its control panel and allows you to draw a line, straight or curved, for use as a reference. Borning for the stages of animation to control the arc of motion of different parts of the body is therefore linked not to the camera or view at that moment on.

From the two scripts, run 20 times, add a comment or send me a mail with a comment to get the full version.

You can view here some video of the tool in action.

Video 3

Video 2

Video 1

The tool consists of two scripts, the first adds a Null to the scene and applies to this second script, which is the tool itself, and opens the control panel. Alternatively you can add the custom object to a null and manually open the control panel. The control panel is divided into 3 tabs, the first will find the main controls in the second secondary option in the 3rd a list of short cut (the control window must be active for these to work). In the tab "Point" are the commands: Add, to add the points, they are always appended to existing ones. Insert, insert a new point equidistant between the selected and the previous one. 2 Insert, puts two points between the selected and the previous one, dividing the line between the points in three. Remove, removes the selected point. List of points that constitute the line. You ca select here a point for Add, Remove ecc.. Below the list there are two rectangles that are used to control the position of the selected point, the tension of the line in case of curve and the bias. To use these controls just clicks in and drag. Since the line is always builds front of the room or viewport are changed only "X" and "Y". The commands "Reset T" and "Reset B" going to set the bias and tension of selected pointvto the default value. All Delete, delete all points. Hide. temporarily hides the line. In "Option" is: Circle Size, to determine the size of the circles indicate the points. Line type, to indicate what kind of line between the points. Color to indicate the line color. Label, which shows or hides the ID number. Set, to make the changes of color.

The tab "Manual" is a list of short cut that can be used.

Release notes.

  • The system is based on the 1st viewport, so in this view, the line remains firm even if it moves the view, in other viewes the line moves with the view.
  • You can not edit multiple items at once.
  • When you save the scene, the settings and the line are salavate with it, to access the control panel must reselect the null that has applied the custom object and open its control panel.